Version 7.0 Final Release [3-31-15]

The following is a list of changes and new features that are available in this release.  For additional questions, please contact or call 1-800-715-7172.

Desktop Client

Service Center was discontinued on 12/31/14 and will not work with the latest version of LobbyCentral. All users must use the web client to access LobbyCentral.

Support for LobbyCentral 6.2.1 and Earlier

Support for LobbyCentral versions 6.2.1 (12/12/2013) and earlier is no longer available. All customers must upgrade to the latest version of LobbyCentral to receive support.

Version 7.0.0  (3/31/2015)

Changes & New Features

  • Changed Service Request Transaction report to list the start and end time of each service per ticket
  • Added option to show users at a selected location when creating an appointment
  • The Assign To list will now show users for the selected queue. This can be switched to show all users for a location in System Options.
  • Added two screen title to Kiosk Settings to support native iPad app
  • Kiosk will now show available employees for the selected queue. Users must be logged into LobbyCentral and not have a status of Away or Lunch to appear in the list.
  • Kiosk exit area must now be tapped 3 times to open the Exit Kiosk prompt
  • When creating a new service description, it must be added to at least one service queue 
  • You can now change the Completed by user when editing an in-service request
  • Email and SMS notifications are now sent to only the Assigned or Requested user.  If user is First Available, notification is sent to the entire queue   
  • SMTP Username and SMTP Password fields have been increased to 255 maximum characters
  • Users must create a strong password containing at least 8 alphanumeric characters and cannot reuse the previous password
  • Default password expire days has been changed from 180 to 90. This value can be changed in System Options.
  • Users are now required to change an expired password
  • Added ability to filter Service Levels tab in the Dashboard by service type
  • LobbyCentral Web URL and Service Center Update Location have been removed from System Options as these fields are no longer used
  • You can now adjust the SQL Server Connection and Command Timeout values in System Options
  • Changed the Report Manager page to a list style and eliminated the report pop-up window
  • Changed Check-In button label to just display "Check-In"
  • Added queue name column to the In-Service list
  • Added option to Required Fields to hide selected customer fields such as SSN, DOB, etc.
  • Work Request is now called "Request"
  • Added new reporting feature CSV/Excel Report Generator to Reporting menu to export LobbyCentral data into CSV formatted files
  • The default administrator account can no longer be removed or changed to an inactive status
  • Added support for the new LobbyCentral Kiosk only app, available in the iTunes app store


 Resolved Issues

  • Fixed issue in Web Kiosk Settings where Show Internal ID and Allow Invalid ID always show selected
  • Fixed issue in Custom Fields where the field type was not selected when modifying a field
  • Fixed issue in Web Kiosk Settings where Show Internal ID and Allow Invalid ID always show selected
  • Fixed issue in Custom Fields where the field type was not selected when modifying a field
  • Fixed performance issue when pending requests exceeded 24 or more
  • Added validation to verify the Completed By user is selected when editing an In-Service request
  • Fixed appointment calendar attachment email
  • Fixed kiosk check-in notification email where it was showing a number instead of the service description
  • Fixed issue with Dashboard Service Levels where it was including appointments in the count
  • Fixed issue with Dashboard Service Levels where the hourly chart included a ticket more than once if it had been returned to the queue
  • Removed hardcoded 'http' protocol for the user check-in ping to support https usage
  • Fixed issue with New Appointment link being show when Appointment module is disabled
  • Fixed issue with "Assign request to me" appearing when editing an in-service request
  • Fixed issue with In-Service list displaying requests from all queues instead of just the user's queues
  • Fixed issue with Work Record section breaking
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