Version 7.2.0 Final Release [11-4-15]

The following is a list of changes and new features that are available in this release. For additional questions, please contact [email protected] or call 1-800-715-7172.

Version 7.2.0 (11-4-15)

  • Moved the Administration menu link to the bottom of the Tools menu for quicker access
  • Assign To list now identifies if the user is logged out
  • Added option to hide logged out users from the Assign To list
  • Added option to User Permissions to allow a user to edit a pending service request
  • Only users with an Administrator or Supervisor access level, or User Permission can edit a pending service request
  • Added check when editing an appointment to verify that a valid request ID and customer ID were received
  • Updated System Options screen to move Options into its own tab
  • Fixed user management page to remove trailing spaces in username and windows login
  • Fixed validation bug with Reassign Queue that did not check that a new queue was selected
  • Fixed issue with Reassign Queue where services were not loaded if a location only has one queue
  • Fixed search bug in Request Search
  • Fixed error when selecting a non-location during appointment creation
  • Fixed Requested Employee not being set when creating a check-in from the kiosk
  • Fixed custom field type U.S. Phone which was being set to URL
  • Custom fields can now be displayed with the service in the Waiting and In-Service lists.
  • Added "Completed" button to the kiosk check-in confirmation screen to reset kiosk before the countdown completes
  • Fixed error message when email / sms notification are enabled but email server settings are not configured.
  • Added ability to test SMTP server settings in Administration->System Options->Email
  • Added option to include custom fields in email notifications in Administration->System Options->Notification
  • Added option to mask customer name in email notifications in Administration->System Options->Notification
  • Added filter to send notification emails to only active users
  • Fixed issue with Appointments tab visible when appointments is disabled
  • Queue type "Walk-in Service" has been renamed "Customer Queue"
  • In User administration, separated Work queues from Customer queues
  • Location, Queue ID, Work Queue, and Email are now set when loading a saved report
  • Added Comment History to Customer Search
  • Fixed custom fields getting wiped out in the pending and in-service lists when performing an edit or check-in
  • Users can now change their username, email, and mobile phone number in User Preferences
  • Mobile Carriers for text messaging are now managed through Administration, Data Tables, Mobile Carriers
  • Fixed clock error when using LobbyCentral across multiple timezones
  • Added option for a service to make it the default selected service in the kiosk. Customers can still choose a different service.
  • You can now increase the font size in QMonitor
  • Added system option to disable required custom field validation during edit
  • Changed admin menu name QMonitor Ads to QMonitor Settings
  • The default admin account can no longer be deleted or downgraded
  • Added custom fields validation for phone, url, and email to kiosk
  • Added option to repeat overdue notification in Administration->System Options->Notification
  • Custom fields can now be created for a customer record
  • Added Customer Data tab to Work Record (check-out window)
  • Added System Logs to Administration to view system log files
  • When editing a closed request, you can now change the service description
  • Added option to restrict email/sms check-in notifications sent until there is a specified number of waiting customers. Values are set under the Notification Rules tab in System Options.
  • Pending tickets can now be color coded based on length of time waited. This overrides the default color of red when a customer's wait time exceeds the set location or queue's value. You can specify up to three color codes.
  • Fixed missing title bar in customer edit window
  • Changed title of check-in management page from 'Home' to 'Checked In'
  • Added option to send a text message to customer when name is selected in Administration->System Options->Notification
  • Fixed error when searching for appointments without entering the End date
  • Fixed issue with Assigned User not updating when editing an In-Service request
  • Changed pager style on tables to be more intuitive
  • Added option to add additional connection parameters to the SQL connection string in Administration->System Options->Database
  • Added Work Queues to Excel Report Generator


  • You can now selectively choose which queues the kiosk should use on the Kiosk login screen
  • Added new field to Service to display an alternate description in the kiosk in Administration->Service Descriptions
  • Added option to control how long the confirmation check-in page is displayed in Administration->Kiosk Settings
  • Added option to hide a service description from the Kiosk in Administration->Service Descriptions


  • Added option to customize the QMonitor notification message in Administration->QMonitor Settings
  • Fixed extra vertical spacing in rows when using QMonitor in Google Chrome browser
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