Version 7.2.6 Final Release [2-1-16]

The following is a list of changes and new features that are available in this release. For additional questions, please contact or call 1-800-715-7172. 

Desktop Client 

Service Center was discontinued on 12/31/14 and will not work with the latest version of LobbyCentral. All users must use the web client to access LobbyCentral. 

Support for LobbyCentral 6.2.1 and Earlier 

Support for LobbyCentral versions 6.2.1 (12/12/2013) and earlier is no longer available. All customers must upgrade to the latest version of LobbyCentral to receive support.

Version 7.2.6 (2-01-16)
  • Added kiosk option to hide services list. Customer selects a queue and user assigns the service when customer is taken from the queue.
  • Fixed issue in Multi-Customer Handling mode where request did not save the user ID that closed the ticket.
  • Fixed Required Service Assignment not changing request status back to Pending if the Queue is changed while setting the service
  • Fixed kiosk not loading employee drop down if default service is configured for a queue
  • Fixed kiosk time-out issue
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