Version 7.3.3 Final Release [7-05-16]

The following is a list of changes and new features that are available in this release. For additional questions, please contact [email protected] or call 1-800-715-7172.

Desktop Client Discontinued

Service Center was discontinued on 12/31/14 and will not work with the latest version of LobbyCentral. All users must use the web client to access LobbyCentral. 

Desktop Kiosk Discontinued 

The desktop kiosk has been discontinued. You must now use the web based kiosk or the LobbyCentral Kiosk app for iPad. To launch the web kiosk, go to the LobbyCentral login page and in the App menu, click Customer Kiosk

End of Support for LobbyCentral 6.2.1 and Earlier

Support for LobbyCentral versions 6.2.1 (12/12/2013) and earlier is no longer available. All customers must upgrade to the latest version of LobbyCentral to receive support.

Version 7.3.3 (7/1/16)

  • PC/Desktop Kiosk program has been retired. Switch to Web Kiosk or iPad Kiosk. Fixed issue that left request in an invalid state when changing time values for an abandoned request 
  • Fixed Agent Transfer option availability. This option should only be available when using Multi-Customer mode and not in one-on-one. 
  • Fixed error message on the check-in management screen for users that belonged to inactive queues only 
  • Fixed Last Password Change date showing 1/1/1900 on User Preference and User Management screens if a user has never changed their password. Now displays "Never" 
  • Fixed error in kiosk when using the Separate Queue and Services option with the Hide Services option 
  • Fixed user permission "Edit Pending Request" not working if enabled for a user 
  • Fixed logout procedure to skip chat logout if IM is disabled, which could cause hanging if a chat db was not created 
  • Fixed time mismatch issue when taking a work queue ticket but not close it 
  • Fixed badge count on tabs not showing total for all queues 
  • Fixed check-out window losing custom fields after updating customer detail 
  • Fixed function that auto logs off users to ignore invalid location ID of 0 
  • Fixed error in Customer Search when viewing a customer with a name that contains an apostrophe 
  • Changed title of Edit button on Request Detail page to Edit Time 
  • Changed searching for customer by Account ID from exact to fuzzy to allow partial entry 
  • Added "Created By" field to Excel Report Generator to get the name of the user that created the request 
  • Added 'Status' field to Excel Report generator 
  • Administrator accounts no longer need explicit access permissions to Report Manager, Dashboard, or Excel Report Generator 
  • Excel Report Generator is now accessible only by users with the Report Manager access permission 
  • The check-in page will now load all pending requests instead of the last 7 days. This allows users to catch and fix open requests that were not closed. 
  • Added Request ID and User to Comment History when viewing the details of a customer through search 
  • Added Account ID to pending request details screen (The "i" icon) 
  • Added ability for admin and supervisors to edit pending service requests on the Open Requests tab in Metrics (Dashboard) 
  • Added Disclaimer screen to kiosk to require customers to agree to terms as part of the check-in process 
  • Added option to disable email notifications at the kiosk. If enabled, users will not receive a check-in notification email or text. 
  • Added ability to set up custom language kiosk prompts 
  • Added ability to customize the Continue and Cancel kiosk button titles 
  • You can now click the row of a pending or in-service request instead of the name to open the record 
  • Added Super Administrator user level to access System Options. All admin accounts have been converted to Super Admin. Downgrade accordingly. Only Super Admin can grant Super Admin to user accounts. 
  • Added list paging to user queue table 
  • Changed tab in Fix Request title for Expired Requests to Left In Waiting for clarity purposes 
  • Added tab to Fix Requests for requests that were left in-service 
  • Added Requested User column to waiting list in Dashboard 
  • Added field length validation to customer first and last name to prevent SQL overflow error 
  • Work queue list has been moved into a separate tab on the ticket management page 
  • Request search results are now sorted by date/time in 
  • Request search is now based on date/time in instead of date/time out 
  • Added filter to request search screen to select Lobby or Work requests 
  • You can now hide the floating window background that appears behind the prompts in the Kiosk application 
  • Added duplicate customer record warning to Check-Out window 
  • Added Closing Comment history to Check-Out window 
  • Added customer comment field to Check-Out window 
  • Added ability to edit customer comment in check-out window and customer search 
  • Custom fields that were left blank during check-in will now say "Not provided" when viewing the check-in details 
  • Added customer comment field to customer merge screen results 
  • Added system option to require the user to select a customer record for check-ins created at the kiosk 
  • Added option to QMonitor to not show the Notification Alert when a customer is taken from queue 
  • Consolidated check-out actions into a drop-down menu. Page Customer is now an icon next to the check-out actions menu. 
  • Added Duration field to service. (Will be used in an upcoming update to support Outlook calendar integration)
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