LobbyCentral v8.0.4 Final Release [3/3/17]

The following is a list of changes and new features that are available in this release.  For additional questions, please contact [email protected]or call 1-800-715-7172.

Desktop Client Discontinued 

Service Center was discontinued on 12/31/14 and will not work with the latest version of LobbyCentral.  All users must use the web client to access LobbyCentral.

Desktop Kiosk Discontinued 

The desktop kiosk has been discontinued.   You must now use the web based kiosk or the LobbyCentral Kiosk app for iPad.  To launch the web kiosk, go to the LobbyCentral login page and in the App menu, click Customer Kiosk.

End of Support for LobbyCentral 6.2.1 and Earlier 

Support for LobbyCentral versions 6.2.1 (12/12/2013) and earlier is no longer available.  All customers must upgrade to the latest version of LobbyCentral to receive support.

Version 8.0.4 Major Update (3/1/17)

Important Notice!   Kiosk start-up options have been moved into Profiles.   Profiles are managed through the main Administration page.   When starting a kiosk, the user now selects a profile.

  • Optimized SQL queries specifically for retrieving pending and in-service requests 
  • Web Kiosk start-up options are now stored in Kiosk Profiles which are managed in LobbyCentral's Administration. 
  • Web Kiosk start-up screen now asks for only a profile allow customization of settings to be managed in Administration. 
  • Converted QMonitor Ads to QMonitor DS.   Ad images need to be re-uploaded using the new QMonitor Ad Maintenance page. 
  • Added new notification sounds to QMonitor.  Choose Original for the version 1 notification.  Style 2 is recommended. 
  • Added system option to display customer name by last name followed by first name 
  • Added Notification Email to Administration that allows you to override the check-in email notification subject line 
  • Added system option to use LobbyCentral as a visitor management system (VMS) vs a customer management system (CMS) 
  • Upgraded push notification service to WS 4.9.21 
  • Domain account can no longer be used as the database user and has been removed in System Options->Database.  SQL login now required. 
  • Disabled autocomplete on all form fields 
  • Added User Hours to user properties to set a user's daily working schedule for appointment scheduling 
  • Added option to auto-generate and email a strong password to user properties (requires SMTP server configuration) 
  • Added system option to send a queue email when a pending or in-service check-in is deleted.  Does not apply to completed requests. 
  • Removed deprecated system option giving users ability to check for software updates 
  • Added validation to Max Wait Time Override in queue properties 
  • Added validation error summary to queue properties screen 
  • Visitor Kiosk no longer requires a separate license to use 
  • Added Badge Inventory to manage visitor badges 
  • Changed In-Service column heading from "Assisted" to "Taken" and "Working" to "Assisting" 
  • LobbyCentral Service no longer requires a restart after adjusting the Work Queue Reminder timer.   The service will check the system table every 30 minutes for changes. 
  • Updated API to 2.4 
  • Updated Mobile Handler to 1.8.0 
  • Updated LobbyCentral Service to 6.6.0 
  • Added Exchange Server integration for Outlook calendar syncing 
  • User maintenance will now verify that the email or username are not in use when creating or modifying an account 
  • Added Daily/Monthly Email report to show previous day/month's service activity 
  • Upgraded Jquery framework to 1.9.1 
  • File Attachment has been removed for potential server security issues. It may be reinstated in a future release. 
  • Added system option to combine multiple queues into a single queue on the Check-In Management page 
  • Web Kiosk has been redesigned:  Eliminated the sliding frames to improve performance, cleaned up Disclosure screen, and enhanced design elements 
  • Kiosk screen titles, button texts are now part of Language Set management 
  • Confirmation Screen Title and Review Title have been merged 
  • Users can now customize the check-in and over-due alert sound or turn off notification sounds 
  • Fixed double confirmation box when deleting a user 
  • Fixed In-Service list on Repair page not loading items from selected location 
  • Fixed rare issue with deleted ticket not being removed when there are no tickets and service and only ticket is pending
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