24. LobbyCentral Cloud Version 3.1.0 [1-17-16]

Released Sunday, January 17, 2016

List of Changes

  • Added System Option to require closing comments at check-out
  • Email notification is sent when a pending check-in is changed. SMS notification is sent if the requested user is changed.
  • Added option to Web Kiosk to hide service descriptions, showing the queues only. User must select the visit reason for the customer after opening the Check-Out window.
  • Added option to Web Kiosk to disable email and SMS check-in notifications for queue members. Excludes appointment check-in notificaiton email.
  • Added new Action to transfer customer to a new user and optionally assign a new service (Only available when multi-customer handling mode is enabled).
  • Fixed freezing issue when checking out or attempting to update customer data if using Simple View mode
  • Fixed issue in Multi-Customer Handling mode where request did not save the user ID that closed the ticket.
  • Fixed issue with cancelling account when in trial
  • Change subscription and billing system to make it easier to update queues. Invoice customers can now increase queues through the portal.
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