LobbyCentral Cloud Version 3.5.0 [6-13-2016]

  • Added Password Last Date Change and Expire Date to User Management screen 
  • Added new system option to prioritize waiting customers by original check-in time. When enabled, customers transferred 
  • to a queue using the Close and New Check-In action can indicate if the customer should queue based on the original check-in time. 
  • Added custom reports page to run custom reports ordered from LobbyCentral 
  • Moved Work queues into their own tab on the home page to separate them from walk-in queues and eliminate confusion 
  • Added button to Work Queue to separate creation of tickets from customer check-in tickets 
  • Added Super Administrator user level to access System Options. All admin accounts have been converted to Super Admin. Downgrade accordingly. Only Super Admin can grant Super Admin to user accounts. 
  • Added paging to user queue table for easier navigation 
  • Changed tab in Fix Request title for Expired Requests to Left In Waiting for clarity purposes 
  • Added tab to Fix Requests for requests that were left in-service 
  • Added Requested User column to waiting list in Dashboard 
  • Added password reset option to text a security code to the user's phone. User's account must have a valid mobile phone number established to use this feature. 
  • Removed "New Appointment" link from checked in customers tab. Button already exists on the Apppointments tab. 
  • Request search results are now sorted by date/time in 
  • Request search is now based on date/time in instead of date/time out 
  • Added filter to request search screen to select Lobby or Work requests
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