LobbyCentral Cloud Version 3.7.0 Released [8-30-16]

Updates and New Features

This is a minor release containing mostly fixes and a couple of new features.

Web Kiosk Profiles

You can now create a kiosk profile to set the various options that are shown on the kiosk start-up screen. With the profile, you no longer need to have a username and password to start the kiosk.  Simply select the profile and enter the authorization token.   This allows you to manage kiosk options from LobbyCentral's administration page.

IMPORTANT! The Kiosk Profile selection is currently not available at the kiosk. We are giving customers time to create profiles before the kiosk is updated.  Once the kiosk has been updated, the startup options at the kiosk will no longer be available.  Please make sure you have created your profiles to ensure a smooth transition.  

Employee Working Hours

You can now set a user's working schedule which is used when scheduling an appointment. 

To set the user's hours, go to Administration, Users and click the Working Hours tab.

Service Duration

You can now set the duration of services that you provide.   This value is used when creating an appointment.

The default duration is 60 minutes.

To set the duration of a service, go to Administration, Visit Reasons / Services.

Additional Notification Sound Styles

Four new notification styles have been added to the User Preference screen.  Users can preview the sound by clicking the speaker icon next to the selected style.

Other Changes and Fixes

  • Fixed error when changing counters and no counters are listed 
  • Fixed Please Wait dialog not closing when taking a customer and there are more than 12 customers in-service. 
  • Fixed error when searching for an appointment by name and the first or last name contains an apostrophe 
  • Fixed pending list disappearing when selecting a Work queue and vice versa 
  • Added customer address, city, state, and zip to Excel Report Generator 
  • Added duration field to service for appointment scheduling 
  • Added user working hour schedule for appointment scheduling 
  • Customer text message can now be customized in System Options->Notification 
  • Added four notification sound styles to User Preferences 
  • LobbyCentral will now remove user and customer emails that bounce when notifications are sent. A bounce notification is sent to the account administrator. 
  • Improved performance on the check-in management page
  • Changed Assign To lists to only populate users that have access to the selected queue. Previously it populated all users for the current location. 
  • Added system option to customize the customer text notification message  
  • Web Kiosk start-up options are now stored in Kiosk Profiles which are managed in LobbyCentral's Administration. Customers will have the opportunity to create kiosk profiles ahead of the kiosk update to minimize disruption. 
  • Removed cancel link on Customer Search page 
  • Improved search result time
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