Using QMonitor Classic

For on-premise information on using QMonitor, please see Using QMonitor (On-Premise) - LobbyCentral Support.

QMonitor is an application used to display customers who are checked in and waiting for service. It also provides a notification alert to direct customers to a specific area when they are selected from the wait queue.

QMonitor runs on any standard HDTV by connecting a computer to the HDMI or VGA input port of the TV. If you have a SmartTV or one that has a built-in HTML5 compliant web browser, you can connect right to the LobbyCentral website without a computer. QMonitor should be run in Windows XP or higher.

Starting QMonitor

  1. Go to and select QMonitor Classic from the menu at the top of the page. 
  2. Enter your Company ID.
  3. Enter your Username, and Password.
  4. Enter Location, and Queue(s) to display.
  5. Set desired Options (See detailed description of each below).
  6. Click Start QMonitor.

QMonitor Options

Before logging into QMonitor, the user is presented with various options to customize the screen. 
Hide Queue Names

Will hide the name of the queues if enabled

Scroll List After __ Names Are Showing 
The scroll list indicates the maximum number of customers QMonitor will display, before the screen begins scrolling. You can adjust this number to fit the maximum display size of your monitor. Larger monitors will be able to display a higher number before scrolling, whereas smaller screens will need to set the number lower.
Name Format
QMonitor allows the option to display the customer name in short or long form. When enabled, the customer name will be displayed with the first initial of the first name, and the first three letters of the customer's last name. Example: John Smith will be displayed as J/Smi.
Alternatively, you may display the full name, a callout number (number assigned to customer after checking in), or use a custom field in place of the customer name. To use a custom field to replace a customer name, please see the article Using a custom field in place of QMonitor's customer name.
Callout Number
QMonitor will optionally display a callout number in the notification window, for businesses that need customer information to remain confidential. To display a callout number, an administrator must enable Generate and Present Call-Out Number in Kiosk Settings.
Notification Window
The notification window allows users to choose how the name is displayed in QMonitor. Options include, show name only (may also show short name), show name and call-out number, or show call-out number only.
Notification Sound
The notification sound played when a customer is selected for service after check-in. To hear a sample of the sound file, click the speaker icon to the right of the box.
Hide Time In Column
When a customer checks-in using LobbyCentral, the time of the check-in is displayed on QMonitor by default. To hide the check-in time, click the box located under Options, on the QMonitor login screen.
Font Sizes
QMonitor allows the user to set the font sizes for Company Name, Clock, Column Header, Waiting Row, and Called Row. The minimum font size is 24, and the maximum is 96. This allows the user to customize the screen to fit their specific screen size and needs.
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