Navigating The Check-In Management Screen (cloud)

The  Check-In Management screen is divided into five main sections: Queues, My Status, My Appointments, pending requests (or wait queue), and In-Service list. See below for a breakdown of each section.


The  Queues section, located on the upper left side of the Check-In Management screen, shows a list of all queues a user is assigned to monitor. The queue name is displayed on the left side of the column, with the number of waiting customers, displayed on the right. 

If a user is joined to more than one queue, an additional queue named  All, is displayed at the top of the User's queue list. All displays the total number of customers, waiting in all of the user's assigned queues.

Work Queues

If your system is configured for Work queues, you will see an additional section below Customer Queues. 

  • Customer Queues: A Customer Queue manages "walk-in" customers who are present at your location.
  • Work Queues: A Work Queue manages customer service requests for customers who are not present at your location. For example, a Call Center.

My Status

My Status, located on the left side of the Check-In Management screen, allows the user to change their status to Available, Away, or at Lunch. A custom  Away Message may be entered in the text field below the status selection.

Alternatively, the  In and Out buttons below the text box, provide a quick way to change your status to Out of Office, or Available. The Out button will change your status to Away with a message of "Out of Office". The In button will remove the message, and set your status to "Available".

For directions on changing your status, please see  Changing User Status in the LobbyCentral cloud User Manual.

My Appointments

My Appointments is located on the lower left side of the Check-In Management screen. This section displays the user's scheduled appointments for the current day only.

Pending Requests / Wait Queue

Pending service requests are located on the upper, center portion of the Check-In Management screen, and is where customers who are checked-in and waiting for service are displayed. The name of the queue being viewed, is displayed in the blue menu bar, above the list of waiting customers. To view a different queue of customers, click on the name of the queue in the  Queues list.

NoteTo view a list of waiting customers, you must be assigned, and joined to a queue.

Customers are listed in order of arrival, and should be taken out of the queue using the First-One In, First-One Out (FIFO) process. The administrator can enforce the FIFO rule to ensure that customers are taken in order of arrival. If FIFO mode is enabled, the system will prevent users from taking a customer out of turn  unless:

  • The User is taking a customer that is assigned to them.
  • The next customer in line is waiting for a specific employee.

Note: You can only edit a request if you are the original creator or have supervisor or administrator rights.

Overdue Tickets: If a customer is in the waiting list beyond a defined time limit, the customer record highlights in red, and a second alert is sent to users. The administrator controls the max wait time in the Administration section of LobbyCentral. 

Pending tickets can also be color coded based on length of time waited. This overrides the default color of red when a customer's wait time exceeds the set location value. Up to three colors may be specified. 

Special Service Requests: If a customer requires one or more, special services, the user may select the service(s) required during the customer check-in process. An icon is displayed for each special request, below the customer's reason for visit, or service , in pending requests. Using the mouse, hover the cursor over the icon to view the Special Service description.

Hidden Service Detail: The administrator can elect to disable the service detail column. If the column is disabled,  Hidden by Administrator is displayed in place of the visit reason, or service.

When the visit reason is disabled, it cannot be viewed until the user takes the customer. It can then be viewed in the service record.

In-Service List

The  In-Service list is located in the bottom center of the Check-In Management screen. It displays customers that are being assisted at your location. 
The In-Service list displays  all requests, regardless of the current queue selected in  Queues. A supervisor or administrator can edit  In-Service tickets to close them if necessary.
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