3 Reasons to Use a Check-in System

Can you believe there are still businesses who utilize a manual check-in system? Customers are asked to write their name on a clipboard or sheet of paper, leaving personal information out for anyone to see.  Some businesses still use “Take a Number” tickets requiring them to maintain a stock of paper numbers that are thrown away after a single use!  If you are still using paper for customer check-in, it’s time to make a change!

1.       Make your business stand out!

Digital check-in boosts your company’s image. Up-to-date practices make the check-in experience easier for customers and makes an impression on how your business is viewed by others.  The process becomes easier, safer, and more efficient. Customers feel confident knowing they will be taken care of every time they visit, and that their personal information is safe in your hands.

2.       Efficiency for employees AND customers

Organizing sign-in sheets and creating more paper waste is a thing of the past.  It’s nearly impossible to find information on past visits for a particular customer if you need to sort through hundreds of sign-in sheets, looking for one name.  With a digital check-in system, reporting and customer databases give your company the information in a couple of clicks, and get you back to what matters most – customer service.

3.       Protect your customer’s information

Leaving a clipboard out for customers to sign in exposes their personal information to everyone coming in that day.  Even a name and an arrival time may make customers feel that their visit isn’t completely private.   Using a digital check-in system keeps customer information private, and ensures that the correct arrival time is logged when the customer checks in. 

LobbyCentral has been providing solutions for your check-in needs since 2005.  From online appointment scheduling to kiosk check-in, we’ve got you covered, and we’ll make your office run more effectively. 

There are many benefits to bringing your lobby into the 21st century.  Your customers will thank you for making their experience more private and efficient and your employees will thank you for a more streamlined and organized check-in process.  

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