Zoom Meetings Integration Update (5/8/23)

Zoom will disable JWT Authentication on June 1, 2023. This means applications that use this method for authenticating will no longer be able to communicate with Zoom’s services.  Please see this article for more details Adding Zoom Meetings to LobbyCentral - LobbyCentral Support

LobbyCentral will switch the authentication method from JWT to OAUTH which will be available in the next update, version 7.2.0. The update is tentatively scheduled for Friday, 5/26/23.

If you are using the LobbyCentral-Zoom integration you will need to take the action below.

Summary of Action Steps

  1. Add Zoom host user accounts to a central Zoom ID that will be used by LC to create meetings.
  2. Assign Zoom User IDs to LobbyCentral user accounts
  3. Enable Services that can be used to create an online meeting
  4. Authorize LobbyCentral to connect to the central Zoom account.


After 7.2 is released:

  1. Log into your Zoom Meetings account and add the Users that can host a meeting.   Note that each user will have their own Zoom account.  LobbyCentral will use a single Zoom account to create meetings on behalf of the other users.  Those users will need to accept your invitation.   Check the Pending tab to ensure all users accept the invite to join your account.

  2. Log into LobbyCentral and go to Administration->Users.
  3. Modify each user that can host a Zoom meeting and set the Zoom User ID property to the user’s Zoom ID.

  4. Services must now be explicitly enabled for online meetings or it will not appear as a selection.   Modify each service a customer can schedule for an online meeting by selecting the Online Meetings box in Properties
  5. Re-Authorize LobbyCentral to use the Zoom Account from step 1.
    1. Go to Administration->Zoom meetings
    2. Click Add Zoom Meetings for LobbyCentral
    3. Log into Zoom with the account from step 1.   Please note that you are accepting on behalf of the organization and users associated with the account. 
  6. Verify the integration by creating an Online Meeting in Appointment
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