Closing Questions (cloud)

Closing Questions replaced Cross-Sell Tracking/Closing Questions in version 7.0.11.

Closing questions may be used to track cross sales at your business, or in any number of creative ways to gather additional information from your customers. Users will be required to ask the customer and answer the closing questions upon check-out if desired. 

Responses are saved and may be exported from LobbyCentral into a JSON (JavaScript object notation) file. 

To export closing questions data, please review the Closing Questions Data Export section of the cloud user guide.

Creating a Closing Question
  1. Go to Tools > Administration > Data > Closing Questions
  2. Click New Queston
  3. Enter the question into the Question field
  4. Create the answer choices in the Choices box. Be sure to add one answer only, per line.
  5. Check the box "Is Required" to prevent requests being closed without answering closing question(s)
  6. Leave Active box checked to display question at check-out. 
  7. Click Save Changes.

To deactivate a closing question, locate the question to modify in the Questions list and click on it. In the popup window, uncheck the Active box and save changes.

WARNING. Deleting a question will also delete any data that has been collected. To preserve data, change the status of the question to 'Inactive' or use the Export function to save your data.

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