More About System Options - StatusTrack (cloud)

StatusTrack was introduced in version 7.0 of LobbyCentral. This feature allows you to keep your customers informed with status update texts while checked into LobbyCentral.

StatusTrack is a messaging service that will text a customer a private link where they can monitor the status of their check-in and receive service updates throughout their visit. 

StatusTrack must be enabled in System Options and requires a LobbyCentral Essentials or Corporate plan. StatusTrack overrides SMS Notification.

To enable StatusTrack 
  1. Login to LobbyCentral with your admin account. 
  2. Then go to Tools > System Management - System Options.
  3. Click on the Notifications tab and select 
  4. Save changes.

Once enabled, a user will need to select the appropriate box when creating a request to trigger status messages to be sent to the customer: 

After the customer is checked-in they will receive a text message which will look similar to the following: 

After the customer clicks the link, they will be able to view status updates regarding their visit. See example below:

For additional questions on StatusTrack or other LobbyCentral features, please contact [email protected].

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