Updating LobbyCentral On-Premise Edition

These instructions apply to On-Premise customers only

LobbyCentral updates are provided with an annual maintenance subscription.   If you do not have an active subscription, please contact [email protected] to purchase a maintenance plan.

Note:  It is not necessary to apply previous updates before applying the latest version.   If you experience problems running the update, please see "Common Update Issues" below.

Updating LobbyCentral

Before you begin, ensure that all users are logged out, kiosks are turned off, and any pending or in-service check ins have been completed.  

You will also need the SQL Server server fully qualified name, LobbyCentral db username/password, and the SA username/password.  This information (with the exception of the SA account) can be found in c:\program files(x86)\fuhr software\lobbycentral\web\CustomerSettings.config.

The default installation path is c:\program files(x86)\fuhr software\lobbycentral\web\.   If you are not sure where LobbyCentral was initially installed, please see the Common Update Issues section below.

  1. Go to https://download.lobbycentral.com
  2. Log in using your Maintenance Subscription customer login.
  3. On the Download page, select LobbyCentral Update.   Do not select the Full Installer even when installing to a new server.   Existing systems should ALWAYS use the Update.
  4. Copy the installer to the web server where LobbyCentral is installed.
  5. Execute LobbyCentralUpdate.msi and follow the prompts.  If LobbyCentral was initially installed at a location other than the default, be sure to change the Destination folder in the installer.
  6. Open a web browser and navigate to LobbyCentral.   Verify that the version number at the bottom of the page matches the version of the update.
  7. Restart Kiosks and QMonitor, if those applications are being used.

Common Update Issues

When I log in, LobbyCentral displays an error saying there is a database version mismatch.

This means that the LobbyCentral database was not updated either due to an error during the update or the wrong database information was supplied to the installer.  Check the database parameters against the CustomerSettings.config file.

The Version number on the LobbyCentral Login page is not updated to latest version.

This means that the web server is pointing to a location other than where the update was installed or the wrong web server was updated.   

For example, if LobbyCentral was initially installed to d:\apps\LobbyCentral and the default path of c:\program files(x86)\fuhr software\lobbycentral\web was used, LobbyCentral is now installed in two locations.

  1. Check the URL that the users are using to access LobbyCentral to ensure the correct web server was updated.
  2. On the web server, open IIS (Internet Information Server).
  3. Expand Web Sites, Default.
  4. Select the servicecenterweb application .
  5. In the Actions menu, select Basic Settings.
  6. Check the Physical Path for the correct location
  7. At this point, you can either change the Physical Path to point to the location where the Update was installed or reinstall.  If you choose to re-install, continue with the steps.
  8. Close IIS.
  9. Open Add/Remove Programs.
  10. Uninstall LobbyCentral.   This will not delete the LobbyCentral database.
  11. Run LobbyCentralUpdate.msi and set the Destination Folder to the Physical Path in IIS.
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