Troubleshooting Appointment Broker Problems

The Appointment Broker is a Windows Service that, when running, listens and responds to requests from the LobbyCentral Appointment cloud service.

All communication is handled over HTTPS.

The diagram below shows how this communication flows from an On-Premise server to the LCA service.

If you see the following error message in LobbyCentral Appointments, it means that data was not returned from the Appointment Broker.

Check the following to troubleshoot a communications issue between LobbyCentral Appointments and the Appointment Broker.

  1. Verify the LobbyCentral Appointment Broker service is running in Windows Services.
  2. Verify the Subscriber ID and Token supplied by LC Appointments matches the values set in System Options on the Appointments tab.
    The Subscriber ID and Token are found in LobbyCentral Appointments on the Account page.   These should match the values set in LobbyCentral.
    IMPORTANT!   You must restart the Appointment Broker service after changing or setting the Subscriber ID and/or Token.
  3. Verify your firewall service is allowing inbound/outbound HTTPS traffic to/from the domain and
  4. Verify your LobbyCentral on-premise version is 8.2.11 or higher.

Enabling Debugging

Before contacting support assistance, please enable Debug logging by doing the following:

  1. On the server, go to Windows Services and stop the LobbyCentral Appointment Broker
  2. Edit the following file: \Program Files (x86)\Fuhr Software Inc\LobbyCentral Appt Broker Service\ApptBrokerService.exe.config
  3. Change this line: <level value="ERROR"/> To <level value="DEBUG"/>
  4. Save file and start the service

The log file will be located in  \Program Files (x86)\Fuhr Software Inc\LobbyCentral Appt Broker Service\logs\ApptBrokerService.log

After encountering an error, attach the log file to the support ticket.

It is important to change the logging level value back to Error after completing the troubleshooting to avoid large log files.   Be sure to restart the Appointment Broker service after making any changes.

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