What is the LobbyCentral Webhook Service?

*** This article is intended for technical audiences ***

The Webhook Service is an exclusive Cloud only feature that allows your integration application to listen for events and trigger reactions.

You can use webhook data for all sorts of things such as integrating data within other applications, creating dashboards, and mobile applications.

Please note that webhook service is a one-way transaction where data is pushed to your consuming app.    You cannot update data in LobbyCentral nor can it be used to pull data.

Testing the Webhook Service

This example will use a Webhook testing service that you also can use while developing your application.   Once your endpoint is ready, simply update the Webhook URL in LobbyCentral to integrate your application.

  1. Go to http:/webhook.site.   
  2. A test endpoint will automatically be generated click Copy to Clipboard next to Your randomly generated URL

  3. Log into LobbyCentral with an account that has admin privileges.
  4. Go to Tools, Administration and click System Options.
  5. On the Settings tab, paste the URL from step 2.
  6. Click Save.
  7. Do not close the Webhook.site window so that you can view the incoming webhooks.

Create a test check-in, take it in service, and check it out.   You should receive three test hooks for each event.


The events that the webhook service generates are:

  • check_in
  • check_out
  • ticket_taken
  • abandoned
  • deleted
  • updated

Data Format

All data is sent in a JSON formatted string.   The core message has the following structure:

See the Data Format articles for layout.

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