Restoring PreConfig DB

Installing the Customized Database

1. Download the database file from the link that was sent.
2. Copy the file to the database server.
3. Open SQL Management Studio.
4. Expand Databases
5. Right-click the lobbyCentral database
6. Select Delete
7. On the Deletion page, check the box “Close existing connections”
8. Click OK to delete the database.
9. Right-click Databases
10. Select Restore Database
11. Change Source to Device
12. Click the file browse button
13. Click Add and locate the file that was saved in step 2
14. Click OK
15. Verify that the Destination name is lobbyCentral.
16. In the left menu under Select a Page, click Files
17. Check the box “Relocate all files to folder”
18. Leave the default paths or if desired, change the location of where the database files should be
19. Click OK
20. If the database restores successfully, continue to the next step.
21. Expand the lobbycentral database
22. Expand Security
23. Expand Users
24. If the “lobbyCentral” user account exists, right click and delete it (SEE NOTE BELOW)
25. Collapse the Databases tree
26. Expand Security
27. Expand Logins
28. Right-click the LobbyCentral user account and choose Properties
29. In the left menu, click User Mappings
30. Find the LobbyCentral database and click the Map checkbox
31. In Database Roles, click the db_owner checkbox
32. Click OK

Note: If you did not use the default “lobbyCentral” database username when installing LobbyCentral,
use your custom name in place of lobbyCentral.

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