QMonitor Voice Announcement (cloud only)

QMonitor Voice Announcement (QVA) is a cloud exclusive feature that allows verbal announcements using QMonitor. It is used in conjunction with the alert tone to notify a customer when it is their turn along with any instructions on where to go.

QVA does not require any special equipment and works with a standard HDTV.

IMPORTANT!  Chromium based browsers liked Edge and Google Chrome must have "allow LobbyCentral to automatically play audio." 
In Edge:
  1. Go to Settings
  2. Go to Cookies & Site Permissions
  3. Select Media Autoplay
  4. In the Allow section, click Add
  5. In Site, type lobbycentral.com
  6. Close Settings
QVA Requirements
  • HDTV with working and enabled audio 
  • Internet Explorer 11, Google Chrome, Firefox, or other HTML 5 compliant web browser
  • LobbyCentral Cloud account.   This feature is not available in on-premise.

How to enable QVA

  1. Login to LobbyCentral with an administrator account.
  2. Go to Tools > Administration.
  3. In the Administration menu, locate QMonitor and click General Settings.
  4. Change Voice Announcement value to Enabled.
  5. Type in the message that QMonitor should speak. Tip:  avoid long messages.
  6. Click Save
  7. Restart QMonitor displays.

Creating the QVA Message

The QVA message can be customized for your business. Use the Tag drop down to insert system defined placeholders such as the customer's name.

The example shown below will say the following phrase:

"Your attention please. Jane Smith, please report to John Thompson. Jane Smith, please report to John Thompson"

If your QMonitor is configured to not display a name, the customer's name will be replaced with the ticket number.

"Your attention please.  Number 125, please report to John Thompson....."

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