Card Swipe Profiles (cloud)

Create Card Swipe Profile

Users can equip the kiosk with a card reader for check-in at the kiosk.

Note: Card Swipe check-in is currently available for the Web kiosk only. iPad is not supported.

To enable card swipe check-in, you must first create a Card Swipe Profile. You must create a profile for each different card type.

Important. You will need a USB card swipe reader and a sample card to create a profile. Attach the card swipe reader to your computer and follow the instructions below.

  1. Log into the Employee Portal and go to Tools > Administration > Card Swipe Profiles.
  2. Click New Profile.
  3. Enter a name of the profile.
  4. Enter the data field delimiter. This is the character that separates groups of data on the card.
  5. Enter each field join, one join per line. This is the character that separates data within one group. For example, a common practice is to combine first and last name in one group, separated by a slash (/). john/smith
  6. Ensure your card reader is connected and click Capture by Swipe.
  7. Swipe your sample test card through the reader. If data is read, it appear in the output window.
  8. For each of the Fields shown, click the Map To dropdown menu to select the field from the card. 
  9. Select the starting position and length. See the Field Mapping section (below) for more information.
  10. Select the fields that LobbyCentral will use to identity the card with the customer profile.
  11. Click Save Profile.

Field Mapping

Each LobbyCentral field must be mapped to a field on the card or it must be set to Ignore. You must have at least one mapped field to use the profile.


The LobbyCentral field to map a card field to.

Map To

The card field.

Position and Length

You can identify the starting position and length of a data field that LobbyCentral should map to. By default, the starting position is 0 and length is set to EOL (end of line).

Example. A card contains the customer's zip code in the Zip+4 format. 43215-1234. In LobbyCentral, only the first five characters are captured. In this example, the Position is 0 and length is 4. When the card is swiped, LobbyCentral will only read 43215 and ignore the rest.

Match On

If the match on box is checked, LobbyCentral will search customer profiles with card data that matches the selected field.

If more than one field is selected, all fields must match the customer profile to be selected. For example, if First Name, Last Name, and Zip Code are enabled, all three must exactly match a customer profile.

Ignore Leading Character

Can be used to ignore character padding such as leading zeros.

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