Why can't I upload images to our Digital Signage?

Adobe Flash must be enabled in your browser, in order to upload images to the digital signage options in LobbyCentral.

Please follow the below instructions to enable Adobe Flash for your particular browser.

Google Chrome

Access the LobbyCentral login page at https://login.lobbycentral.com, and click on the padlock icon to the left of the url.

Select Site Settings from the menu.

Locate Flash and select Allow from the dropdown menu.

Close the window and login to LobbyCentral. You may need to restart your browser.

Internet Explorer

Open Internet Explorer and click on Tools (Gear Icon) in the upper right corner. 

Select Manage add-ons from the dropdown menu.

Select Toolbars and Extensions from the menu, and be sure that Shockwave Flash Object is set to Enabled.

Close the window and login to LobbyCentral.

Microsoft Edge

Open Microsoft Edge and click on the Settings Icon in the top right corner. Then select Advanced Settings.

Locate Use Adobe Flash Player and enable.

Close Settings and login to LobbyCentral.

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