Restricted Entry (cloud)

The ability to create a restricted entry list was introduced in LobbyCentral v4.3 (1).

After a customer has been added to restricted entry list, users are notified at their workstation, via LobbyCentral. Employees may then take appropriate measures to deal with the customer or have them removed from the premises.

For the safety of all employees, the customer is not alerted that they are on a restricted list.

Agents will be notified by a red banner, displayed on the check-in management screen of LobbyCentral, and an icon will appear next to the customer's name.

Clicking the icon beside the customer's name, will allow the agent/employee to view additional information about the customer, including an optional photo if one has been uploaded.

Additionally, if the customer checks in via the kiosk app for iPad, and the feature is enabled, the iPad will take a picture of the customer checking in, so employees may verify if the person checking in is the same person on the restricted list.

To add a customer to the Restricted Entry list, login as administrator and go to Tools > Administration > Security > Restricted Entry List.

  1. Select Add Name
  2. Enter the customer's First and Last name, as well as necessary instructions and any comments.
  3. Upload a Png. or jpg. photo file of the customer (if available).
  4. Click Save Record.
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