Push Notification Server (on-premise)

The Push Notification Server is used when the LobbyCentral application is load balanced or if you prefer to separate the notification service onto its own server.

You can download the Push Notification Provider at http://www.lobbycentral.com/download.  

Push Notification Server Installation (rev. 11/1/15)

  1. Create a folder on the web server called LobbyCentral Push Notification.
  2. Unzip file and copy contents into the new folder.
  3. Open IIS Manager.
  4. Create a new Application Pool called LC Push Notification
  5. Expand Sites, and right-click Default Web Site
  6. Choose Add Application
  7. Set Alias to lobbycentral_pns
  8. Change Application Pool to LC Push Notification.
  9. Set the directory path to the folder created in step 1.

Verify the service is online by opening a browser and go to http://<yourserver>/lobbycentral_pns/Request.ashx

The page should respond with “OK”.

LobbyCentral must be configured to use the new service.

  1. Log into LobbyCentral and go to Administration, System Options.  
  2. Set the Push Notification URL to the path of the server (do not include Request.ashx).  i.e. http://<yourserver>/lobbycentral_pns
  3. All users must log out and kiosks and QMonitor must be restarted.

Mobile Service Provider

If you are using the Mobile Service Provider, you will need to modify the CustomerSettings.config file to manually set the new server:

Locate this line:  <addkey="notificationServiceURL"value="" />

Enter the push server URL into the value property, in between the quotes.  <addkey="notificationServiceURL"value="http://<yourserver>" />


If you are using the LobbyCentral API kit, you will need to modify the Web.config file to manually set the new server. Follow the same steps as the Mobile Service Provider.

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