Kiosk Content Pages (on-premise)

Content pages were introduced in version 6.2.1 and provide a way to display customized web pages "in front" of the kiosk. For example, displaying a Welcome splash screen or knowledge base.

A content page must contain a link that takes the customer into the kiosk. Once the customer completes the check-out, the browser will return to the main content page.

To Create Content Pages You Will Need

  1. A basic understanding of HTML
  2. File access to the web server
  3. The ID of the location that will use the pages. Each location must maintain its own set of content pages.

Content pages may be nested and is, essentially, its own web site with a link to the kiosk.

Content Page Folder

Content pages are organized into location folders where the name of the folder is the ID of the location.

  1. On the web server, go to c:\program files\fuhr software\lobbycentral\mobile\content
  2. Create a new folder with the ID of the location.*

Note: To get the location ID, start the Kiosk, select the location, and check the Content Pages box. Click OK. LobbyCentral will display an error along with the location ID and expected location.

Master Page

The first page must be called Default.htm. All other pages can be named whatever you choose. There is no limit to the number of pages that can be linked off Default.htm.

To connect to the kiosk, at least one page must contain a link or button. See next section. After a customer checks in, the kiosk will return to the master content page.

Connecting To The Kiosk From a Content Page

To connect to the kiosk, simply add a hyperlink or button to the page. There are two required fields to pass to the kiosk, which are included as part of the Query string:

  • loc: The location's ID
  • ucp: Tells the kiosk to return to your content page after a completed check-in.

Here is a complete URL for Location ID 1: http://yourserver/servicecenterweb/mobile/kiosk.aspx?loc=1&ucp=true

Link Example:  <a href="http://yourserver/servicecenterweb/mobile/kiosk.aspx?loc=1&ucp=true">Click Here to Check-In</a>

Button Example:  <input type="button" value="Check-In For Service" onclick="document.window.location.href=' http://yourserver/servicecenterweb/mobile/kiosk.aspx?loc=1&ucp=true';" />

A sample content page can be found at: c:\program files\fuhrsoftware\lobbycentral\mobile\content\sample\Default.htm

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