Licenses (on-premise)

Licenses in the System Administration section allows you to view and make changes to your LobbyCentral account. You can delete or add a new license from this section.

Requesting A New License

To add a license to your account, contact [email protected], or open a support ticket at for a quote. We will email your quote to the provided email address. Once you are ready to purchase, supply LobbyCentral with a P.O. number, and we will email your license number to you.

Account Information

Product LobbyCentral product purchased or subscribed to
Type Whether the product was a purchase or subscription
Product Key The LobbyCentral license number
Expires The product expiration date
Count How many site locations were purchased.  Note: Enterprise will show - - (two dashes) in place of a numerical number.

Add License

  1. In Settings, click Licenses.
  2. In Manage Licenses, click New License.  
  3. Enter the license number.
  4. Click Save.

Delete License

  1. In Settings, click Licenses.
  2. In Manage Licenses, locate the correct license to remove, and click Delete.  
  3. Confirm that you want to delete the selected license.
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