Administration (on-premise)

The administration section of LobbyCentral manages system users and other settings. To access Administration, you must have an Admin access level. For more information on each item, click the link below to view the corresponding section of the manual.

Accessing Administration

  1. In the menu, hover your pointer over Tools.
  2. Click Administration from the drop-down menu.

Control Panel

The control panel is where administrators create, and access, LobbyCentral users, queues, visit reasons, custom fields, and more.

Locations A physical building, which contains at least one queue. May sometimes be separated by location within one building. 
Queues A department, or group, of services used to hold pending customer requests in the order they were entered.
Service Descriptions The reason the customer has come into your building. Service Descriptions are added to a queue, and selected by the customer upon checking in, to alert users of why they are there.
Users Any employee set up with a LobbyCentral account.
Service Counters  Used by QMonitor to instruct a customer to report to a specific window or counter, when the customer’s name is called.
Data Tables  Contains custom options that are used in various menus within LobbyCentral.
Custom Fields  Customizable fields used to obtain additional information from the customer during check-in.
Required Fields  Used to require certain criteria before check-in is completed. Only applies to employee assisted check-in/check-out and not the kiosk.


In the apps section, administrators may customize or make adjustments to, the kiosks and QMonitor, such as uploading ads to QMonitor. Please see the bullet-points below for a brief description of this section.

Web Kiosk Settings  Used to customize the self-service (kiosk) system for Customer check-in.
PC Kiosk Profiles  PC Kiosk Profiles was used with the desktop version kiosk (discontinued in 2014), to modify various settings.
Visitor Kiosk Settings Used to customize the self-service (kiosk) system for Visitor sign-in.
QMonitor Settings Used to upload and display ads (PNG, GIF, or JPG only) to QMonitor, as well as customize the Report To message displayed when a customer is called.

System Administration

In system administration, the administrator manages the site license(s), may obtain system logs, and enable/disable features within LobbyCentral. Before making any changes in System Options, all users must be logged out of the system.

Licenses Used to manage and add new site licenses.
System Logs Contains the daily system logs for LobbyCentral.
System Options  Contains features that affect the system in whole and should only be changed when all users have been logged out.
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