Webhook Events (LobbyCentral Appointments)

You may use a webhook to be notified of events. When an appointment is created or cancelled, the event details are published to the webhook endpoint.

To use webhooks, you will need to create an application or service capable of consuming JSON data.

Configuring the Webhook

  1. Log into https://schedule.lobbycentral.com
  2. Click Account in the menu.
  3. Under Business Detail, enter your webhook URL.   For example: http://myserver.com/mywebhook.php
  4. Click Save Changes.
If you would like to test or see what is contained in the JSON that is sent, you can create a RequestBin URL at https://requestbin.com.  
Specify the URL that is created in your webhook URL field. RequestBin RequestBin is simply a listener and cannot be used for production services. The URL will expire after 48 hours.

Receiving a Webhook

A webhook message contains JSON formatted in the request body. Your application will need to consume this data and deserialize it into JSON object.  You can program a listener in a variety of different languages. For example, ASP.NET, PHP, Ruby, Python, etc. JSON is language independent format so use whatever tools you are most comfortable with. 

Please note that support is not provided for creating or troubleshooting your application.

Responding to a Webhook

It is important that your application responds with an HTTP Status Code of 200 (OK). If your application does not return this code, the webhook will be marked as failed-retry and the service will and attempt a retry. We will resend a failed hook every hour until a status code of 200 is received, up to 48 attempts. You can check the status of attempts on the Webhook Events page.

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