Visitor Kiosk Settings (On-Premise)

The Visitor Kiosk allows visitors (i.e. sales reps, vendors, etc.) to sign-in. In addition to capturing name, reason for visit, and the name of the employee, the kiosk can also capture a picture of the visitor using a web camera.


  • Greeting
  • Sub-Title
  • Options
  • Wallpaper


  • Capture Image (Requires Google Chrome. IE is not supported): If a webcam is set up on the Visitor kiosk, check this box to activate the feature.
  • Use free-form text field for Employee Name: If this box is checked, the visitor will need to type in the name of the employee they are there to see, rather than just choose from a drop-down menu.


You can replace the default Kiosk wallpaper (shown behind the input elements) with your own image file. The image resolution should match the device that the kiosk is running on.

For example, if you are using the iPad kiosk app, be sure that the resolution matches the iPad’s display requirements.

Reference chart for wallpaper sizing:

Device Size of Wallpaper
iPad 1st & 2nd generation 1024 x 768
iPad 3rd & 4th generation 2048 x 1436
iPad Mini 1024 x 768
Android Web Browser Use the device's supported display resolution
Web Browser (PC or Mac) Use the computer's current display resolution setting
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