Kiosk Error Messages

The LobbyCentral iPad app has been discontinued and cannot be downloaded from iTunes.

General Error Messages

Error Message     Description Resolution
A connection could not be established with the LobbyCentral Server (on premise) The app attempted to connect to the Server or URL Override server value and did not receive a response. Verify that the Server field only contains the name of the LobbyCentral server, i.e., if your LC server URL is http://mycompany/servicecenterweb, only enter MYCOMPANY into the Server field.

If you are not using the standard LobbyCentral URL, enter the complete path in the URL Override field, i.e., https://mycompany/lobbycentral
Kiosk requires LobbyCentral version x or higher (on premise) The version of LobbyCentral installed on the server is not compatible with the app Download the latest update from
Company ID is invalid or does not have an active subscription (cloud) The company ID entered is either incorrect or the subscription for the account has expired     Confirm the ID entered is correct. The ID is not case-sensitive. To verify your subscription is active, log into and go to Administration->Billing.

Card Reader Error Messages
Error Message     Description Resolution
Volume is too low     The app cannot listen for data input because the headphone jack volume is too low Increase the volume to max using the volume switch on the side of the iPad.
Connecting with the card reader has timed out The app could not initialize a connection with the card reader Ensure that the card reader is fully seated in the headphone jack of the iPad.  If using the iPad in an enclosure, the reader may not be in full contact with the iPad.  Make sure the reader "clicks" into the headphone jack.

The card reader may not be a compatible device.  Only Unimag I, Unimag II, Unimag Pro, and Unimag Shuttle are supported.
Card reader is disconnected The app lost communication with the card reader Ensure that the card reader is fully seated into the iPad headphone jack.
Could not read card When the ID was swiped, the app could not read the data, or the incoming data is invalid Ensure that the magnetic stripe on the back of the ID is not damaged and free of debris.
ID not accepted or could not be read The format of the incoming data does not comply with the AAMVA standards     Verify that the ID used complies with the AAMVA format standard. See Driver's License Compatibility for more information.
Camera 2D Capture Error Messages
Error Message     Description Resolution
Read Failed     The app could not read the barcode on the back of the ID or the barcode is not 2D AAMVA formatted. Ensure that the full barcode of the ID appears within the camera boundaries

Ensure that the barcode is 2D and uses the AAMVA standard.
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