Starting QMonitor DS

  1. Go to the main LobbyCentral login page at
  2. Click App Menu and select QMonitor DS Login.

  3. Enter your company ID, username, and password.  
  4. Select the location and queues to view
  5. Choose additional settings based on your preference
  6. Select the Ad Set to display (optional)
  7. Click Start QMonitor

Display Short Name QMonitor allows for the option to display the customer's name in short form. When enabled, the customer's name will be displayed with the first initial of the first name, and the first three letters of the customer's last name. Example: John Smith is displayed as J/Smi.
Show Callout Number QMonitor will display the customer's name, call-out number, or combination name and call-out number in the notification window. To display the call-out number, an administrator must enable Generate and Present Call-Out Number in kiosk settings.
Notification Window The notification window allows the user to choose how the name is displayed in QMonitor. Options include show name only, show name and call-out number, or show call-out number only.
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