Enabling Logging

The API captures errors and saves them to a log file which can be useful for troubleshooting issues.

The default location of the log file is:

c:\program files(x86)\LobbyCentral\API Service\logs\Application.log

Log files automatically rollover each day.

Adjusting Logging Levels

By default, the log is set to capture only ERROR events.  These are critical problems that the API encountered while processing a request.

The log level can be set to DEBUG to capture information events such as how long it took to complete an API call.

  1. On the API server, edit c:\program files(x86)\LobbyCentral\API Service\web\Web.config
  2. Locate the tag that begins with <level value="ERROR">
  3. Change the value property to DEBUG 
  4. Save the file and exit

It is recommended to only use DEBUG when troubleshooting issues.   Debugging data will create larger than normal log files.

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