LobbyCentral Queue Notifier Installation & Set-up

The Queue Notifier is a program that is installed on a Windows computer and provides a total count of customers waiting for service as well as notifications.

When a customer is checked in, Queue Notifier will display a pop-up message in the bottom right corner of the screen and play a chime.   The notifier window's counter will update to show the total number of customers waiting.

The Notifier does not require the user to be logged into the web client and can be configured to stay "on-top" of other applications so that it is always visible.

System Requirements

  • LobbyCentral 6.x or later
  • Windows XP or later
  • Sound card (optional)

Downloading the Queue Notifier

  1. Go to https://support.lobbycentral.com/article/510-lobbycentral-downloads-onpremise
  2. Under On-Premise Downloads, select Queue Notifier.

Installing Queue Notifier

  1. Run queueNotiferSetup.msi
  2. Enter the URL of your LobbyCentral server. Do not include http or servicecenterwebExample: If your URL is http://companyserver/servicecenterweb, enter companyserver.
  3. Click Next and verify that the LobbyCentral server is correct.
  4. Click Install.
After downloading Queue Notifier, it must be configured to monitor queues.
Configuring Queue Notifier
  1. Start LobbyCentral Queue Notifier.
  2. Right-click the Notifier window and choose Options.
  3. Enter your LobbyCentral username. If you are using Single Sign-On, go to step 5.
  4. Click Load My Queues. The queues that your account has access to are pulled in.
  5. If you wish to monitor additional queues, click Add.
  6. Select the Location and Queue to monitor.
  7. Once all queues have been added, click Save.

Queue Notifier Options

Play Sound when Queue is updated Plays the selected sound file when a customer is checked into LobbyCentral.
Keep summary window on top If checked, the notifier window will stay on top of all other open applications.
Show summary window at startup If checked, the notifier window is shown when the program is stated. Otherwise, it will be minimized and can be brought up by clicking the Notifier icon in the task tray.
Notify me when appointment or visitor checks in If checked, the notifier will display a pop-up message when an appointment that is assigned to your account, checks in.
Network Options
Windows Username / Windows Password Only used if server security requires authentication. Note that this option is only used in certain circumstances and should remain empty.
ServiceCenterWeb / Mobile Service Provider URL The complete URL path to your LobbyCentral server which should be identical to the path used to log into the web client. If the Mobile Service Provider is being used, this address should be set to the URL of the service provider.
Push Notification URL Used to override the server the Notifier listens to for queue updates.
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