Visitor Center Kiosk (on-premise)

The  Visitor Center Kiosk allows visitors (non-customers) to sign themselves into your location. In addition to capturing name, reason for visit, and the name of the employee, the kiosk can also capture a picture of the visitor using a web camera.

A separate license is required to use the kiosk. Please contact [email protected] to purchase a license, or obtain a trial license.

Changing the Title, Subtitle, and Wallpaper

An administrator can make changes to the kiosk screen, in  Visitor Kiosk Settings. There, the administrator can upload custom wallpaper, enable image capture (Requires Google Chrome or Firefox. IE is not supported), and create a custom greeting for the kiosk.

Enabling the Webcam (Beta)

Currently the webcam capture is only supported in Google Chrome, and Firefox. Webcam capability is currently in beta mode. This is due to inconsistent support and implementation in modern web browsers.

Allowing the Webcam to be Enabled for LobbyCentral

Both Chrome and Firefox require permission to enable the camera. Due to security designs, the browser will ask for permission every time if the website protocol is unsecured, i.e. HTTP. To give the browser permanent permission, you will need to install an SSL certificate on the web server, and access the kiosk via HTTPS.

Note: End-users are not required to use the HTTPS address.

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