Merge Customer Records (on-premise)

Occasionally a user may discover that there are duplicate accounts for a customer. This can happen if a user, or customer, made a typo or incorrectly spelled the customer's name during a previous check-in, and a new customer record was created. 

When checking in a customer, the user must enter the exact spelling of the customer's full or partial, first and/or last name, phone number, or the Account ID, in order for LobbyCentral to locate the Customer Record. If LobbyCentral does not recognize the name or ID entered, the user is prompted to create a new customer record. 

Merge Customer Records is located in the Tools section of LobbyCentral. If a duplicate customer is found within LobbyCentral, the user can merge the records by running the merge tool. 

Note: Do not run the merge tool for customer IDs that are assigned to a pending or in-service request.

Merge Customer Records

  1. Select Tools > Merge Customer Records from the menu bar.
  2. Enter the Name (or partial name), Phone number, Account ID, or Customer Number of the Primary Customer Record (The record to transfer all duplicate records to).
  3. Click Continue.
  4. If a list of customer records is populated, select the primary customer record that all other records will be merged into.
  5. Click Continue.
  6. Enter the Name (or partial name), Phone number, Account ID, or Customer ID of the Merging customer record(s).
  7. Check the box of every customer record to be merged into the primary customer record.
  8. Click Merge Records, and confirm that you want the selected records to be merged.

Note: Be sure to double check all customer records selected to be merged, before clicking Merge Records. This operation can not be reversed!

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