Fix Requests (on-premise)

If a service request is expired, corrupted, left in edit, contains a time mismatch, is missing, or has invalid close information at the end of the day, a message will be displayed the next time the user logs in, notifying the user that there are requests in LobbyCentral that need to be fixed. It is important to fix any necessary requests, to keep reporting accurate.

Example: A pending customer record was not closed by the end of the previous day. The status of the request is changed to  Expired, which means the customer’s request was not handled by a user. When the user logs in the next day, the following pop-up message is displayed. 

The user must click  Ok, to close the pop-up message. 

The following message is then displayed at the top of the Checked-In screen, notifying the user of the number and type, of request issues that need to be fixed. The message will remain on the Checked-In screen until the requests are resolved. 

Resolving Requests

  1. Click Fix this Issue in the highlighted bar.
  2. Update or Delete the request(s) for each tab.

The user may also go to  Tools > Fix Requests in the menu bar, to display the Fix Requests screen and fix any necessary requests.

Fix Request Types

Expired Requests Requests created prior to the current date and were left In-Service.
Corrupted Records Requests are missing information and can only be deleted.
Left In Edit Requests that a user started to change but never completed.
Time Mismatch Requests have incorrect date/time values.
Missing Close Record Requests that are marked completed but are missing (or has an invalid) closing ticket record.

Broken Requests

A broken request is a request that is missing information. The only action available for a broken request is to delete it. Broken requests are rare and only occur if the system experienced a glitch while updating that request.

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