User Preferences (on-premise)

User Preferences allows a user to update their name, security question, change the portal password, and change notification preferences.

General Settings

User ID A unique identifier assigned by LobbyCentral when the user account is created. The user does not need to retain this information.
Username The login name created by the administrator. The user may change their username.
First Name Allows user to change first name.
Last Name Allows user to change last name.
Password Changed On Displays the date the password was last changed.
Password Expire Date Displays the date the password is due to be changed again. By default LobbyCentral requires the user to change their password every 90 days, and will alert the user when the 90 day mark is approaching.
Email The email address where notification alerts are sent (must be enabled by an administrator).
Mobile Phone The phone number notification text alerts are sent to (if enabled). Mobile provider must be selected if a mobile phone number is entered. If your carrier is not listed, please contact [email protected]Note: When using the SMS employee check-in notification, standard text messaging rates may apply. 

Notification Settings

Audio Alert Enables or disables the notification sound played upon customer check-in.
Work Request Waiting List Sets the default view of the request record. Expanded view displays waiting customers on the right, while the user is working the Request ticket, of the current customer. In Collapsed view, the user can still view waiting customers, by clicking the expand icon in the Request ticket. See below for example screenshots.
In-Service List The user can choose to display requests for all queues, or their assigned queue(s) only.
Notification Method The method used to send notifications to users. The recommended setting is Push.
Check Server Every Only used when Notification Method is set to Pull. Options range from 1 second, to 15 minutes.

Security Question

Security Question is used to verify the user's identity, when selecting to reset the password. 

  1. Select a predefined question, or create your own question by selecting Create a custom question, from the dropdown menu. 
  2. Enter the answer to the question selected. Try to use one word answers whenever possible. 
  3. Save.

  Note: The security answer is not case-sensitive but it must be an exact match.


  1. To change your password, enter the new password
  2. Retype the new password in the confirmation field.
  3. Save.
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