Create & Manage Appointments (on-premise)

Appointments are service requests that are scheduled for a specific date and time. You can create an appointment for any location, and assign an employee to the request. 

My Appointments

The  My Appointments section of the Checked-In screen, displays a user's assigned appointments for the current business day. Each user will see only his, or her own, assigned appointments. If an appointment, scheduled for the current day, and assigned to the First Available user, it will not be displayed in My Appointments, but in the Appointments tab on the Home screen.

New Appointment Notification

LobbyCentral will send an email notification to the user assigned to an appointment. An iCal attachment of the appointment will be sent in the email. Opening the attachment will create an appointment in the user’s calendar if it supports the standard iCal format.

Create An Appointment

  1. Select the Appointments tab.
  2. Select New Appointment.
  3. Enter the Customer name, or click Continue, without entering a name to create a new customer profile.
  4. Enter the appointment detail, including Date, Time, Location, Queue, Service, etc.
  5. Click Submit.

Check-In An Appointment

  1. Click the Appointments tab on the Check-In Management screen. 
  2. Locate the appropriate appointment, and click Check-In.
  3. After the appointment is checked-in and added to the pending requests screen, manage the Appointment Request, using the same steps detailed in Managing Pending & In-Service Requests.

View All Appointments for the Current Day

  1. Click on the Appointments tab on the Check-In Management Screen.
  2. Locate the appointment to view, and click View.
  3. Click Ok, to close the View Request window.

Modify/Cancel an Assigned Appointment

  1. In My Appointments, click on the customer's name. This will bring up the Appointment Record.
  2. Make necessary changes, or click Cancel Appointment to cancel.
  3. Once changes have been made, click Submit. If cancelling appointment, confirm cancellation.

Modify/Cancel Other Scheduled Appointments

  1. In the menu, go to Search > Appointments.
  2. Select the date range and/or customer name, and click Search.
  3. Locate the customer from the list, and click Change/Cancel
  4. Make necessary changes, and click Submit
  5. Or click Cancel Appointment and confirm.
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