Create Check-In Requests (on-premise)

There are two ways for a walk-in customer to check-in using LobbyCentral. A customer can check-in themselves through the kiosk, or a user can create the check-in by entering the request in LobbyCentral.

Customers may use the iPad to check-in themselves, using the mobile LobbyCentral Kiosk app. For more information please see LobbyCentral Apps for iPad.

Check-In Information

Queue Type & Queue

The Queue Type field will only be displayed if you have more than one queue type defined. In general, a queue is defined as the department with which the customer wants to conduct business. There are two queue types:

  • Customer Queue: A customer queue contains service requests for walk-in customers and appointments.
  • Work Queue: A work queue contains service requests for customers that are not present at your location. For example, customers who email or call for assistance.

Service is a short description of the reason the customer has come into the location. Services are displayed in a drop-down menu. The system administrator may enable the option to select Other Service, if the requested service is not listed.

Service Long Description

After the user selects a service from the drop-down menu, a  Click For Information link is displayed below the service. If the administrator has entered a long description, or any notes regarding the service, it will be displayed upon clicking the link.


The Comments field allows the user performing the check-in, to add additional information if necessary, regarding the customer's visit.

Custom Fields

The system administrator may create custom check-in fields, to capture information unique to that  check-in request. If desired, the administrator can "require" the information before check-in is complete. If the "required" information is not collected by the user, they will not be able to complete the check-in process.

Custom fields may also be created to capture unique information, and attach it to the  customer record. A customer record may be edited while in-service, allowing a user to capture information that has changed, or was not previously entered for that customer. For example, if the customer mentions they have moved, the user can update the address within the service request, and save it to the customer record.

For more information, please see  Managing Pending & In-Service Requests, in the LobbyCentral On-Premise user guide.


Allows the user to upload one or more files, that will be stored on the server, and is accessible by the user who takes the request. This is not available through the kiosk, but through the Web UI only.

Assign To

The  Assign To menu allows the user to select the assigned, or requested, employee from a drop-down menu. The default selection is First Available.

If a user assigns the check-in request to him/herself during the check-in process, the customer will be placed immediately into the  In-Service list with that user, and a check-in notification will not be sent to other users.

Note: A system administrator may enable Hide 'First Available', requiring a customer checking in at the kiosk to select an employee, before completing the check-in process. See Web Kiosk user guide for more details.

Referred By

If the administrator enables Request Referral, the  Referred By field is displayed when creating a request. This field is used to indicate the employee who referred the customer, and is used for reporting purposes.


The  Options list displays, at a minimum, the option Assign this request to me. If the administrator creates Special Services, these will also appear in the Options list. See Data Tables in the LobbyCentral On-Premise user guide for more information.

Note: Selecting Assign this request to me immediately assigns the Check-In request to the user creating it. A check-in notification is not sent, and the request immediately displays in the In-Service list.

Create Check-In Request

  1. In the pending requests window, click the Check-In button.
  2. Enter the customer’s name (full or partial), phone number, or account ID.
  3. Click Continue.
  4. Locate the appropriate customer from the list, and click Select, or Select New Customer, if the name does not appear in the list. Enter the new customer's information.
  5. Select the Queue. If user is assigned to only one queue, skip to step 6.
  6. Select the Service.
  7. Enter comments (optional).
  8. Upload files (optional)
  9. Complete Custom Fields (optional).
  10. Select the employee Assigned To, and Referred By: (optional).
  11. Select additional options for the request (optional).
  12. Enter customer mobile number and provider, if customer would like to be paged by text when called.
  13. Click Submit.

Appointment Check-In

See  Creating & Managing Appointments in the LobbyCentral On-Premise user guide, for information on how to check-in customers with an appointment.

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