Managing Your Subscription (cloud)

Plan & Billing

You can manage your LobbyCentral subscription in the Plan & Billing section of Administration.


This is where you may update or change your payment frequency. For your protection, we do not store your credit card number after it has been verified.  We use a special encrypted payment technology that eliminates the need for the card number to process transactions.

Payment Method

Displays your current method of payment for your LobbyCentral account.

If you are a credit card account, and need to update your card, click the Update Card link, and you will be directed to enter your information.

View / Change Plan

Once your LobbyCentral account is cancelled or has expired, users no longer have access to the system, or to the data collected by LobbyCentral. If you wish to retain a copy of the collected data, you must use the CSV Report Generator located under the Reporting option. Data is not available if you do not have an active subscription.

Plans & Pricing

Plans and Pricing is broken down to show your current plan, number of Queues, the expiration date of your account, your next billing date, payment type and frequency, and current cost of your subscription. Note: Corporate accounts (unlimited queues) will be displayed as -1 beneath Queues.

Customers who are set up for annual invoicing, may now change their subscription online. However, if increasing the plan, for example adding queues, LobbyCentral will need to attach the change to a PO Number. Please contact support at (800) 715-7172, or open a support ticket at

Plan Usage

Plan Usage is displayed in the center of the screen, below System Administration, when you click on Administration, in the Tools menu.

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