Outlook Integration (cloud)

LobbyCentral can check your Outlook calendar for availability when creating an appointment. This also prevents scheduling a customer when a user is not available for a specific time.

Note: You must have an upgraded plan to enable Outlook calendar integration. For more information on upgrading your account, please contact [email protected] or [email protected].

Exchange Server Integration requires an account with Impersonation Rights. This means that the impersonation account can view, as well as create, events on any Outlook calendar.  

  1. In LobbyCentral, go to Tools > Administration > Integration > Outlook / Zoom Meetings.
  2. If you know the Exchange Server URL, enter it or click Auto Discover.  When clicking Auto Discover, enter your Exchange email.
  3. Enter the email for the Exchange impersonation account
  4. Enter the password
  5. Click Save

LobbyCentral will send a test email using the credentials entered to your email account.

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