Using an iPad for LobbyCentral

The only requirement to use LobbyCentral on an iPad, is the iPad must have a network connection that is accessible to the LobbyCentral server.

There are two options for using LobbyCentral on an iPad:

  1. Apps- LobbyCentral Kiosk, which provides self-service check in for your members, and LobbyCentral Mobile, which is used by the end-users to monitor, check-in, and check-out members.
  2. Web browser

If the iPad will be used in-house, it will connect to a wi-fi router that has access to your local network.

If you are looking to use it out in the field, you would need to get the 3G version and establish a VPN connection.

The app itself does not know if you are connecting over wifi or 3G, so it would just be a matter of getting the network connection on the iPad itself established. Once that is in place, then the app should be able to access the web server.

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