How do I set-up Temporary SQL Storage (recommended for SQL Express)?

1. Log into the LobbyCentral web server with an administrator account.

2. Go to c:\windows\Microsoft.NET\Frameworks\v4.0.30319

3. Create the ASPState database by executing this command: aspnet_regsql -ssadd -S <dbServerName> -U <username> -P <password>


  • dbServerName- IP or name of the database server
  • username- domain or SQL account that has db creator rights.  (using sa is recommended)
  • password- user's password

4. Connect to the database server using SQL Management Studio.

5. Verify that the ASPState database was created.

6. Expand Security and right-click on Logins and select New Login.

7. Set the login name to 'sessionStateUser' and select SQL Server Authentication.

8. Enter a strong password.

9. Uncheck" Enforce Password Expiration" and "User must change password".

10. Click User Mappings.

11. Check the Map box for the tempdb database.

12. Check "db_owner" under roles.  If you do not want to grant this role, you must grant the user Read/Write/Delete rights to the ASPStateTempApplications and ASPStateTempSessions tables.  Consult with your database administrator for assistance.

13. Check the Map box for the ASPState database.

14. Check "dbo_owner" under roles

15. Click OK to save the account.

16. Make a backup of c:\program files\fuhr software\lobbycentral\web\Web.config

17. Open web.config in Notepad. Locate the <sessionState> tag and change it to the following:<sessionStatemode="SQLServer"sqlConnectionString="Data Source=<dbServerName>;User ID=<username>;Password=<password>"timeout="720"/>

  • dbServerName- IP or name of the database server
  • username- name of the user created in step 7
  • password- user's password

18. Save and close the file.

Note:  You will not see any tables under ASPState. The tables will be located in the tempdb database in System Databases.

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