Protecting database username and password

LobbyCentral stores the database information in CustomerSettings.config.   This includes the username and password LobbyCentral uses to access the database.

This information is stored in clear-text and under normal circumstances should be accetable provided that your network has the necessary security permissions in place.   CustomerSettings.config is not accessible through a web browser and users should not have access to the server to view the file.

Beginning with version 6.2.2, LobbyCentral now has the option to encrypt this file.   When encrypted, the file is unreadable except only by IIS.

To Encrypt the CustomerSettings.config File

  1. Verify your version of LobbyCentral is 6.2.2 or higher
  2. Log in with an administrator account
  3. Go to Tools, Administration, System Options
  4. Click the Database tab
  5. Click Protect Configuration

Before encrypting the file, you should keep a copy of the file in a secure, limited access location.

To Return CustomerSettings.config To Clear Text

  1. Go to Tools, Administration, System Options
  2. Click the Database tab
  3. Click Unprotect Configuration
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