LobbyCentral Update Installer

Installation Types

Server and Database

This option will update the LobbyCentral software and database.

Database Only

This option will only update the software. Generally this should only be selected if instructed by support.   

Skip IIS Installation (advanced installers)

If this option is selected, it will not install the Application Pool or create the Application in IIS. Select this option if you have customized the name of the application or location in IIS (not physical directory).

This option is not commonly used.

SQL Server Settings

If you do not know what your LobbyCentral database server settings, open this file:

c:\program files\fuhr software\lobbycentral\web\CustomerSettings.config

The database server, name, and username / passwords are located in this file.   

NOTE:  If the file is encrypted, you must first decrypt the file by logging into LobbyCentral and go to Tools, Administration, System Options, and select the Database tab.

Lost SA Password

If you have forgotten the SA (SQL Administrator) password, there are two options:

Option 1:  Reset the password using SQL Management Studio

  1. On the server running SQL Server, launch SQL Management Studio. Connect using the Windows administrator account.
  2. Connect to the LobbyCentral database
  3. Expand Security, Logins and right click on the SA user account
  4. Select Change Password

Caution! Before changing the SA password ensure that other applications are not using the SA account.   

Option 2:   Use the LobbyCentral DB account in place of SA

The LobbyCentral db user is the DB Owner of the LobbyCentral database and has all sufficient privileges to make modifications.  

In the installer, substitute the SA username and password with the LobbyCentral db username and password.

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