SSL and Push Notification

When using LobbyCentral over an SSL connection, it is necessary to override the Push Notification URL, or browsers will not receive check-in notifications.

If the Push Notification URL is not set, end-users may experience the following:

  • The browser no longer updates the check-in list 
  • The browser switches to Polling mode and displays the red circle with slash
  • The browser displays the following IE error message "The request is too large for IE to process"

You must be using version 6.3.0 or higher in order to access LobbyCentral via SSL. SSL is not supported in versions older than 6.3.  

Please note that support is not provided for configuring or installing SSL certificates.

Configuring the Push Notification URL

  1. All users must be logged out of LobbyCentral. 
  2. Log into LobbyCentral with an administrator account.
  3. Go to Tools, Administration.
  4. In the left menu, click System Options.
  5. Locate the Notification Push URL setting and enter the path to LobbyCentral using the https protocol, i.e.  https://yourserver/servicecenterweb. The path should only include the servername followed by servicecenterweb. Do not add anything beyond this point.   
  6. Click Submit.

If the LobbyCentral Mobile web service is installed, it will be necessary to also set the notificationServiceURL value in CustomerSettings.config to the SSL path.

Configuring LobbyCentral Mobile and LobbyCentral Kiosk (iPad)

  1. Start the app and on the Login screen, tap Settings.
  2. Tap Account Type.
  3. Under On-Premise, erase the contents in LobbyCentral Server (first box).
  4. Be sure Port is empty.
  5. In Override URL, type in the path to LobbyCentral using the https protocol, i.e. https://youserver/servicecenterweb.
  6. Tap Save.
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