Dashboard / Analytics (cloud)

The  Dashboard provides real-time and historical information on user activity and performance.  Your account must have permission to access the Dashboard page. There are six tabs in the Dashboard, that display various analytics, which are detailed below.

To Access the Dashboard, go to Reporting > Dashboard in the menu toolbar.

Current Activity

Displays service activity information by location, for the current day.

Staff Availability Number of users signed in, grouped by status.
Service Lobby Total requests that are pending and in-service.
Service Levels Total number of completed requests and average service times.
Wait Time Completed requests, grouped by customer wait time.

Open Requests

Displays check-ins waiting for service, and In-service requests by location, for the current day. 

Closed Requests

Displays a list of completed service requests. The current day's requests are displayed by default, but the user may perform a search by location, date, and/or Queue. Each closed request displays:

  • Date of Service
  • Customer Name
  • Service Provided
  • User Assisted by
  • Time In
  • Time Seen
  • Time Left
  • Status

Employee Performance

Displays the total number of completed service requests for each user, as well as total service time, and number of services handled. Search may be performed by location, date, and/ or user. Performance for the current day is displayed by default.

Service Levels

Displays the total number of completed, and abandoned requests, the total number of provided services, and the average wait and service times. Service levels also details the number of requests that were assisted within 0-10 minutes, 11-15 minutes, and +16 minutes of check-in. All times are displayed in hh:mm:ss format.

Services Provided

Displays the total number of services completed/abandoned by service description and location. Search may be performed by location, date, and/or queue. 

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