Logging In & Out of the Portal (cloud)

First-time Login

The first time a user is logs in, LobbyCentral will prompt the user to change their password, and create a security question. The security question allows the user to reset a forgotten password.

Logging Into The Portal

  1. Go to https://portal.lobbycentral.com.
  2. Enter your username and password.
  3. Enter your Company ID.
  4. Check the box to remember your company ID (optional).
  5. Click Sign-In.

Multiple Locations

If the user's account has been assigned to work multiple service locations, a pop-up window appears after login, asking the user to Select a Location

Select the service Location from the drop-down menu, and click Select.

Logging Out Of The Portal

It is important that you log out of LobbyCentral when you leave the office for the day. This helps to keep the User Board information accurate. 

To logout: click the Logout link located in the top right corner of the screen.

Timing Out

  • A user's session may timeout if any of the following scenarios occur.
  • A user session is valid for 12 hours after logging in, and then it will expire.
  • If users attempt to do anything in LobbyCentral after the session expires, it will take them back to the Login page and display a message indicating that their session had expired.
  • If a user closes the browser (not minimize), this will immediately expire the session.
  • If a user leaves the browser open and logged into LobbyCentral overnight, the session will expire.
  • If the user loses their internet connection or experiences a momentary disruption, this can expire the session.
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