Removing service requests is not recommended unless it causing a system error.

Before manually removing requests, which requires assistance from your IT department, please use the Fix Requests page to remove requests that are causing issues.   Fix Requests can be accessed through the Tools menu.

If using Fix Requests does not resolve the issue, requests must be manually removed from the database using the process below.

  1. Using SQL Management Studio, connect to the LobbyCentral database
  2. Execute the following query to obtain a list of Location IDs:

    SELECT locationID, locationName FROM tblLocation
  3. Using the correct locationID,  execute the following query:

    DELETE FROM tblRequest_Queue WHERE
    locationID = [your_location_id] AND
    convert(char, dateIn, 101) = 'mm/dd/yyyy' AND
    status = [target_status]

    your_location_id = locationID from step 2
    dateIn = the date to remove.  Must be in mm/dd/yyyy format
    status = 0 for Waiting/Pending or 1 for In-Service

    EXAMPLE - Removes In-Service requests for location 1 that were created on 8/30/16:
    DELETE FROM tblRequest_Queue 
    WHERE convert(char, dateIn, 101) = '08/30/2016' AND 
    status = 1 AND