You can define rules, to automatically assign a customer check-in to a user. These rules apply only to the Kiosk.

  1. In Administration, select Auto-Assignment Rules.
  2. In Kiosk Routing Rules, click New Rule.
  3. Select a Name for the rule.
  4. Select a Location.
  5. Choose the rule type.
  6. Choose the rule Condition.
  7. Select Condition 1.
  8. Select Condition 2.
  9. Assign user #1.
  10. Assign user #2 (If user #1's status is Logged Out, Away, or at Lunch, then check-in will be assigned to user #2).
  11. Set the Status to Active (default).
  12. Click Save.

Rule Type Select rule based on customer's first name, last name, or selected service.
Condition Conditions indicate what the rule should examine to determine if it qualifies.
Equal to Condition 1 The rule will compare the selected rule type against the value in the Condition 1 field. If there is an exact match, the rule will trigger its action.
Between Condition 1 and Condition 2 The rule will compare the selected rule type against the values in Condition 1 and Condition 2. If the value is equal to or greater than Condition 1 and equal to or less than Condition 2, the rule will trigger its action. Example: If comparing customer last name, where Condition 1 is set to A and Condition 2 is set to H, any name beginning with A through H will qualify for this rule.
Condition 1 & 2 Value Fields Condition 1 & 2 fields are alpha-only and may contain up to three letters.
Assign to User The check-in request is assigned to the selected user. Important! This will override Requested Employee field in the kiosk.
Status The status enables or disables the rule being used in LobbyCentral.