1. Go to Tools > Administration > Settings - Control Panel
  2. Select Custom Fields.
  3. In Custom Fields, Click New Field.
  4. Enter the field name to be displayed.
  5. Select the screen(s) where the custom field will be displayed.
  6. If this field is required to check-in, click the Is Required box.
  7. Select the field Type. If the selected type is Drop-Down List, enter one option per line in List Items.
  8. Leave status set as Active (default).
  9. Check the boxes where the custom field will be displayed.
  10. Click Submit.

Custom Field Types

Validated Field types will verify that data entered is accurate for the selected type.

  • TextFree-form field
  • EmailEmail address (validated)
  • URLWeb address (validated)
  • U.S. PhonePhone number (validated for USA only)
  • Drop-Down ListList of options to select from.